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This site presents a number of ship and boat model projects undertaken over a number of years. The earliest models (Halifax and the French Xebec) were built during the early 80's. A long break ensued (small children being incompatible with this kind of thing). The research for and the drawings of HMS Southampton has been a long term relatively low key project that I am now developing into a Naval Architectural study.

More recently I have been working on working model rowing models, and my main project at this time is a model of the full size reconstruction of the Greek Trireme Olympias.

I have been unable to find much information about other examples of working models of oared vessels. I  would be very grateful for any comments on the machinery that I have developed for my models, or indeed for any examples of similar models.

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04/02/2012 Added a Link to an account of a model build to the drawings of HMS Southampton posted on this site 

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08/012011 Updated Trireme Build log Olympias Build Log

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