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32 GUn frigate HMS southampton (1757)

This is not really a model boat project but started as a research/drawing exercise with the objective of reconstructing a set of drawings of the hull construction of an 18th century frigate.

HMS Southampton was designed by Thomas Slade at a particularly interesting time in the history of British Naval Architecture. The inadequate designs derived from the 1748 establishment were being replaced with new designs more fitted for their role in the Royal Navy. Thomas Slade was one of two Navy Board Surveyors at the time and was responsible for introducing  the 74 gun ship (which after proving themselves at the battle of Quiberon Bay in the 7 years war went on to form the backbone of the line of battle during the Napoleonic Wars). Another significant warship class introduced by Slade was the 32 gun frigate (of which HMS Southampton was the first example). This class of vessel became the predominant cruiser class in the latter part of the 18th century.

Slade was also responsible for the design of HMS Victory.

 Whilst HMS Southampton was very much a prototype (with a number of intermediate design features), she in many ways typifies the designs of Thomas Slade and had a very sucessful career between her launch in 1757 and her loss by shipwreck in 1812.




The following drawings have been reconstructed for HMS Southanpton. Notes on the research behind the reconstruction, methods used to produce the drawings and a list of references can be obtained by clicking on the following link or the image opposite:

HMS Southampton Reconstruction Notes











Full size pdf files of the drawings can be downloaded by clicking on the images below:



1. Design Draught













2. External Views











 3. Framing Plan











 4. Strctural Sections












5. Upper Decks











6. Lower Decks










7. Planking Expansion











8. Sail Plan 















1. Stability Analysis 

The stability analysis includes an estimate of the weight and center of gravity of HMS Southampton in a number of loading conditions, hydrostatics derived from a stability model and analysis results for the loading conditions considered. There is some discussion of these results in comparisson with other sailing ships and current standards for sail training vessels.

A report on the analysis can be downloaded from the following link:

1. Stability Analysis Report


2. Velocity Prediction

I have developed an excel spreadsheet that aims to predict the speed, heel angle and leeway for HMS Southampton in different wind conditions (strength and direction) and with different sails set.

A report on the assumptions behind this spreadsheet, its operation and a discussion of the results for HMS Southampton can be downloaded from the following link:

 2. Velocity Prediction Report

A fully functioning copy of the spreadsheet can be downloaded from the following link:

3. Download Velocity Prediction Spreadsheet