Richards model boats


My workshop

My workshop consists of a small converted space (about 9' x 9') in our attic. The view below shows the workbench constructed using strip beech kitchen worktop material from a DIY store


 The drawing board is an old pine kitchen table , resanded to give a smooth surface.


 My EMCO Unimat 3 lathe is shown here set up as a jigsaw The Unimat is an extremely versatile tool for machining metal and wood. Here it is shown in the jigsaw configuration, as used for cutting the frames for the Olympias model. Unfortunately it is no longer avalilable new.


Here the Unimat is set up as a vertical drill/milling machine.


A box I made for the Unimat and its accessories:

 The other major power tool in my workshop is this invaluable table saw from Byrnes Model Machines. I have it fitted with their micrometer attachment which enables very accurate sizing of small timbers. Also shown in the shot is the small weighing machine I am using to weigh components for the trireme model.